About the Project

Bemister’s Pool & Patio came to Smile MEDIA for assistance in transforming their online digital presence to one that matched the quality of service and products they provide. In order to thrive in today’s digital era, Bemister’s retail store needed to enhance its online presence to cater to its current audience. They came to us looking to create an online store where they could showcase the many categories of products they sell and allow users to browse product lines and features 24/7. They also wanted users to be able to request pricing according to their specifications.

Smile MEDIA built a website using the WordPress platform, which is simple, yet informative, functional, flexible, and above all user-friendly. Users can easily view products by category, manufacturer, and model, with features, benefits and additional specifications included within the tabs of each product page. Some pool chemicals, spa parts, and products can even be purchased directly from the website.

The home page banner is designed to be updated periodically so Bemister’s can direct organic and paid marketing campaigns to this area to highlight product promotions and seasonal product availability. We continue to work with Bemister’s on an ongoing basis to enhance the website functionality to further serve their needs and help them better serve their customers.

Featured Services

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Online Quoting
  • Subscription for newsletters


  • Retail: Pools & Spas
  • Patio Accessories
  • Game Tables


  • WordPress CMS
  • GTM
  • Bootstrap Framewor
  • Woo Commerce
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Yoast For SEO
  • NGINX Web Serve
  • Challenges


    Creating a more user-friendly website where users could browse the variety of products available required collecting a lot of information and specifications from the client, and then determining the best way to display this information to their users. Another challenge was to portray a summary of the core products offered on the home page in a way that was both easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. We also were tasked with incorporating both third-party inventories as well as products that cannot be purchased directly online and making the difference clear to the user.

  • Solutions


    Smile MEDIA delivered Bemister’s a one-stop solution to increase lead generation and conversions, provide a user-friendly platform for viewing products and requesting quotes, and the ability to purchase some products directly from the website. The result is a well-branded and easy-to-navigate online retail store with much more functionality than the previous one.

  • Impact

    Bemister’s saw a significant rise in leads and quotes requests as a result of the new website. Both website traffic and newsletter subscribers increased as well, which can now be leveraged for email marketing, paid re-marketing efforts, and more.


    We chose a minimalistic design with clear graphics and a carousel home page header. Simple, descriptive icons are used to help users navigate the website easily.


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      By Google Font


    • #000000

    • #1B006E

    • #FBFF35

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